Easily share your podcast on social networks

Take your audience directly where they can listen to your episode and subscribe to your podcast.


Take your listeners to the right place: to listen to your episode and to subscribe to your podcast.

The page is different on Desktop, Apple phone or Android phone.

65% of podcast listeners listen on their mobile phone.

When accessed from a desktop, the page displays a QR code to make it easy to access the page from a mobile phone.

3 clicks only to start listening to your episode in their favorite application.

Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Google Podcast are the best applications to quickly listen to a podcast on desktop or mobile phone.

Listeners stay longer on those platforms compared to a web player on your podcast page.

The page will send your listeners directly to your episode page in Spotify, Apple Podcast (if not on an Android phone) and Google Podcast.

Easy to use

Just copy and paste the share link on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn

Your episode will be displayed automatically with a format optimized for social networks.

Increase your podcast audience

A page optimized for desktop and mobile

The loading time of the page is optimized, allowing your listeners to start listening to your episode as quickly as possible.

A different image for each of your episodes

If you display always the same image for each of your episodes, your audience won't click on it eventually.

Direct link to your episode

Your audience clicked on one of your episodes, the link will lead directly to that episode. To display your podcast page or the list of your episodes would be a waste at this stage.

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